Brand Company Inc.: Specializing in Batteries & Lighting Products Since 1984
P.O. Box 2292 South Hamilton, MA 01982 • phone: 978-468-4877 • fax: 978-468-6690

Founded in 1984 by Kenneth Brand in South Hamilton, MA, Brand Company Inc.
specializes in batteries and lighting products. The company’s primary market is
industrial dealers and end users, including the medical, public safety, utility,
hospitality and electrical markets throughout the country.

Brand Company offers competitive pricing on all sizes of long lasting Energizer,
Duracell and Rayovac alkaline batteries, from AAs to 9Vs for various applications.
In addition, Brand Company’s extensive inventory includes rechargeable, sealed
lead-Acid, lithium photo, video, cellular, communications, emergency, custom
lock packs and specialty batteries, and flashlights by Streamlight, MagLite, Fulton,
Pelican and Rayovac. Brand Company is also an Authorized Service Center for
all MagLite and Streamlight Flashlights and Accessories. In 2012, Brand
Company was awarded the Rayovac Outstanding Industrial Distributor Award.

At Brand Company, quality products and personal service are top priorities.
Please call 1-800-972-2852 with any questions, comments or quotation requests.